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Talent Management


Unique scientific resources for future success

We offer our own expertise in talent and management assessment through benchmarking against best-in-class organizations, applicable for:

Utilizing our assessments within your talent management process can yield:

  • • Better hiring decisions;
  • • Time and cost savings;
  • • Improved people development and succession decisions;
  • • Stronger alignment of people with strategy;
  • • Enhanced employer brand
  • • Ease of talent benchmarking throughout your business and with other organizations.

We offer a wide range of proven tools and tailored services, by assessing the following:


SHL range of online tests, identify high-caliber talent quickly, efficiently, accurately, and securely. Highly effective in predicting job success, these tests objectively measure problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities. A wide range of assessments is available, appropriate for all job levels and industries, including numerical, verbal, inductive, checking, calculation, reading, and mechanical comprehension tests.

Personality and Behavior

A full Catalog of SHL personality and behavior assessments is available, enabling you to unlock employee potential, ensuring employees are well matched to their jobs, through revealing behaviors and motivation to succeed. They ensure you have the right people for your organization by linking personality assessments to your competency framework and using our competency-based interview tools and assessment center exercises.

Knowledge and Skills

SHL Talent Assessment tests measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand individual strengths/weaknesses and assess job readiness, especially important where on-the-job training opportunities are limited, or where posts have to be filled quickly. The tests cover clerical skills, business-essential (including software) skills, and IT professional skills.

Performance and Development

Our 360 Evaluation Multi-Rater Feedback System gives you a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential, based on the ratings of colleagues, peers, managers, and clients. It means you can empower employees to take ownership of their career development and ensure that they are working in areas where they can add the most value.

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