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At AIMS Albania & Kosovo we devote time to understanding your professional and personal objectives, and strive to establish close and long lasting relationships with you. With us you will experience the same sense of professionalism, ethics, honesty and concern that we offer to our clients.
All along the search process you will appreciate an open and complete exchange of information about the opportunity, and our sincere interest in ensuring that you are making a positive career decision. We encourage you to submit your resume to us and be part of our network of professionals and executives.
As opportunities arise, we look forward to contacting you and offer our professional advice on new career opportunities.

How we Work

Executive search service is a relatively new service in the Albanian market and our team of professionals has been pioneering and leading this service for about a decade now. We are committed to build excellent relationships with the candidates and clearly inform them in advance about the nature, rules and ethics of this service.

In the world of recruiting, terminology is frequently confusing and misapplied. Every professional seeking a new job needs to grasp in advance the distinctions between different types of recruiting firms and how they operate.

Why Us?

  • We provide you with the means to conduct a highly confidential job search to the next career step.
  • As a referral based firm, our reputation is built on our commitment to excellent service and professional integrity towards both candidates and companies.
  • We have access to confidential not advertised top jobs and possess a reputable job board focused on mid to top management positions.
  • We excel at matching your skill set and preferences with job opportunities due to the unique expertise of our team of professionals.
  • Access to job opportunities with the best employers we already know from a long lasting relationship.
  • We can find your next position faster and better due to the depth and breadth of market knowledge and our client network.

Advance your career by partnering with us. Know the process! Know your Rights!


Explore open opportunities with best employers. Open vacancies:


Register your professional profile at our online application “Career Hub” to get your qualifications in front of AIMS consultants. They will handle searches leading you up to the middle management and executive levels of an organization.

Career Assessments

Moving to a new position? Advancing higher in your career? Seeking to become more effective at work? Knowing exactly what makes you successful and where you need to improve, will help you achieve your workplace performance goals.
Our SHL Assessment tools and methodologies help you measure and explore skills, behaviors, inclinations, natural tendencies and motivators you need for success. All based on YOUR OWN feedback, provided online through any device.