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Talent Management

Our Talent Management solutions complement our Executive Search and Leadership Consulting services,
releasing human potential at every level of the organization by implementing SHL premier assessment tools.
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Unique scientific resources for future success

We offer our own expertise in talent and management assessment through benchmarking against best-in-class organizations, applicable for:

Utilizing our assessments within your talent management process can yield:

  • • Better hiring decisions;
  • • Time and cost savings;
  • • Improved people development and succession decisions;
  • • Stronger alignment of people with strategy;
  • • Enhanced employer brand
  • • Ease of talent benchmarking throughout your business and with other organizations.

AIMS International is authorized user of SHL products, Global Leader in Talent Measurement, enabling the precise assessment of most business-relevant abilities, behavior, potential and drives to succeed.

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Find & Grow your future leaders today

Succession Planning

AIMS International Albania provides clients with a strategic and thorough process to identify potential leaders and provides them with the development opportunities they need to succeed.

Crucial steps to a successful succession planning:

  • • An accurate and scientific assessment of long-term potential.
  • • Identification of critical competencies for specific roles.
  • • Talent development through strategic job assignments, target learning experiences, coaching, and mentoring.

Development opportunities are one of the main forces behind talent engagement and retention. Your organization must provide career and professional development to make sure your talent is prepared for their current and future positions.

- Most organizations have talent development programs in place, but are you differentiating and benefiting from them to attract — and retain — the best talent?

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Market Intelligence

Real data to guide your strategy and release full potential

Talent Mapping

Aims International Albania has developed its talent mapping services in response to a number of needs identified by our clients including:

  • • External benchmarking for succession planning for board, executive leadership team and business critical roles
  • • Risk mitigation and contingency planning, mainly for senior executive roles
  • • Market mapping of high demand / short supply jobs or scarce skill areas
  • • Assessment gathering on competitor organizational structures, headcount, job content or remuneration & benefits

Through talent mapping, our clients enhance their internal talent pools and make informed and faster decisions with regard to their workforce planning.

Competitive Intelligence

To build a really effective talent acquisition strategy, you must first understand the elements that drive talent dynamics in your industry.
Competitive intelligence goes beyond talent mapping. It helps you make better-informed decisions that support your talent acquisition goals, minimize risk, and achieve your long-term business strategy.

Through talent mapping, our clients enhance their internal talent pools and make informed and faster decisions with regard to their workforce planning.

Employer Branding

Your employees are the starting point of your employer brand.

Aims International Albania provides a series of options, from internal surveys to focus groups, to one-on-one interviews that let you see your company through the eyes of your employees.

Our Solutions

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